Who’s Jordan Furlong?

I’m a legal sector analyst, author, and advisor working to accelerate the arrival of a new and better legal system. Over the last 25+ years, I’ve been (variously) a lawyer, legal journalist, law firm consultant, and international keynote speaker. Today, I advise regulators, law firms, law schools, governments, and other stakeholders looking to transform the legal world or figure out their place in it. Here’s my full bio.

I live in Ottawa, Canada, with my wife and our two teenage kids. Outside my work and family, I’m occupied with Christianity, geopolitics, and the Toronto Blue Jays, in descending order of gratification.

What’s This Newsletter About?

I’m here to make you think differently about the legal sector. I write about making the legal system more effective and accessible, improving the formation and competence of lawyers, modernizing legal services business models, and reforming the regulation of the legal sector.

I’m also deeply interested in how building a better legal system can help bring about a better world. So I also talk about professional responsibility, the values of professional legal practice, the humanity essential to good legal assistance, and establishing a truly just legal system.

From time to time, I’ll also touch on personal topics like parenting, running a solo business, and grappling with my faith. Be advised that there will be Simpsons, sci-fi, and baseball references.


How Often Will The Newsletter Publish?

My goal is to write something once a week, although there’ll be weeks when you get two or three issues in your inbox. There’ll also be times when you don’t hear from me for awhile because I’m travelling or working on a client project. But in general, you can count on about 50 issues a year, roughly 1,000 words per issue. That’s basically a book a year.

Do I Have To Pay For The Newsletter?

At the outset, the newsletter will be free. If enough people find it valuable and are willing to support it financially, I’ll start charging a monthly or annual subscription while keeping some articles outside the paywall. If subscription numbers go high enough, that’ll enable me to offer more value-add items like presentations and interviews with policymakers and thought leaders in the legal sector.

If you’d like to sample my legal industry writing before you subscribe, check out any of the 500+ posts at my Law21 blog, or download free my 2017 book, Law Is A Buyer’s Market.

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